Annoyance Trumps Misery, I Guess

It's been a rough couple weeks for me lately, probably because I've spent too much time thinking about myself and not enough time doing things.

I suppose its a mark of some sort of progress, though, that I've gone from being unhappy and discouraged to my current state, which is one of nearly complete annoyance.

I'm annoyed with my Jeep, my television (and sometimes the things it shows me), my home, the weather, my computer stuff, and even with the games I play on it. I'm trying to keep my annoyance directed at the things in my life, but my unhappiness with myself keeps poking its head up and I don't really have much of a defense against that.

All my problems with the things in my life are pretty much my fault, but not all.

When I get my computer to work and connect to the internet (which I still feel like capitalizing even though it's recently been downgraded by AP), my annoyance changes to be directed at what I see on there. Of course, part of that's my doing because I go mostly to sites where people share their thoughts on things, and those can annoy me no end.

While the internet opens up the world so we can all see what's going on everywhere, what I've seen lately is massive numbers of people who use it to display their selfishness, their ugly natures, and their total lack of compassion and even the most meager attempts to understand other people.

It's not much of a relief from what I'm trying to escape at the moment, but I'll get better.